Your choice your style

Here at Sunflow we believe that when choosing your heating system, you should have choice like everything else in your home.

Sunflow manufacture all of their heaters to order, which means that that we can offer a heating system tailored to suit our clients individual needs. Our highly trained heating surveyors will carry out a free survey of your home to assess the size of each room, along with insulation levels, so that we can calculate the best available options.

Putting you in control

Our Invincible energy efficient electric heaters work well in every room of your home, large or small.  They are ideal for conservatories which are notoriously difficult to heat and our skilled and certified electricians can also install the heaters in bathrooms.


Made to order, bespoke sizes to suit your needs, even if you have an awkward or limited space

» Vast range of shapes and sizes
» Slimline, stylish and modern design
» Any space can be accommodated