The Great British Stove

Great new design from Sunflow

Ideal for homes, offices, workshops, cold spots, storage of temperature sensitive goods
The stove measures 465mm high 452mm wide 515mm deep
Strong build in British steel weighs 34 kilos
Real enriched kiln clay inside

Putting you in control

21st century portable electric heating featuring ‘**powerdown’ – with fast kiln clay storage (works with any tariff, just plug into your 24 hour sockets if you have E7 or E10).

Powerful 2 kilowatt rating – ideal for home, workshop, studios, offices, workstations. Ideal economic emergency heating.

Cold Last Winter?

Many central heating systems start to struggle when outside temperatures plunge below minus two degrees. With boilers roaring constantly to keep up, the extra wear and tear is costly in fuel and maintenance. Why not use a Sunflow electric stove to heat exactly where you are?

The stove will heat up to 20 square metres or a much bigger space if used as a supplementary heater or for background heat e.g. sixteen degrees centigrade.