MASSIVE Autumn sale starts 10th August – 35% off!*

Why install inferior heaters? You can have Sunflow Invincible Heating at great warm-weather prices!

Now is a great time to overhaul your heating. Whether you’re looking to heat one room or a whole building, help us keep our Wiltshire factory busy this summer/autumn – we’ll reward you with great factory-direct prices.

The procedure

Call  us on 0800 158 8272 and ask for Dawn, to arrange a free, no-obligation survey for your property (or office premises, almshouses, etc.)

A Sunflow surveyor will visit you, discuss your heating needs, and work out a system to suit you.

The surveyor will show and demonstrate the product, so you can see why Sunflow owners are so enthusiastic about our heating.

The surveyor will supply a proper quote. All our surveyors are fully employed by Sunflow; we don’t use contractors.

Unlike certain other heating companies, our quotes don’t start artificially high with a drop if you sign up on the  day. We will always offer the best price we can – in this case, 35% off list price!

Call now to get started – 0800 158 8272.

Same quality, same service

All our heaters are made to order, we do not carry stock. Regardless of your order:

  • Same choice of colours and other options across all size/power combinations.
  • Same levels of economy and comfort.
  • Choice of powerful, easy-to-use control options. All feature powerdown, reducing power input by up to 75%.
  • All models are fully compliant with the Eco Design Directive.
  • No imports – Sunflow Invincible heaters are designed, built, tested and delivered by us. Our electricians and fitters are company employees, not contractors.
  • Excellent customer-service backup for all our customers.

There is no need to put up with night storage units, or pay out for poorly-made import heaters. There is no need to pollute around your home or business with expensive-to-maintain gas and oil wet systems.

Now is the time to look at Sunflow.

Call 0800 158 8272

*35% off Autumn Sale is off list price, and excludes any other offers or discounts. If you have an old quote from us which you did not take up, we would be happy to re-issue it using the sale price structure