Sunflow Multizone System – market leading heating management

At Sunflow we take a lot of care over our control systems. Having supplied you with the best heaters we can make, a good control system puts the tools in your hand to get the most out of them. Our flagship control system, the Sunflow Multizone, is a true 21st century heating management system, and it does things the market leaders don’t.

The key to our system is two-way control. A heating control app, accessed on a desktop machine, tablet, phone etc. gives you room-by-room programming. So you don’t have to have the same programme throughout the house; every room can be held at different temperatures at different times. Want to override the programme? No problem – you can do this through the app, or you can adjust the room thermostat up or down without opening the app at all. No other competing system provides this level of control. The programme will reassert itself if you forget to cancel your override.

Having friends or family to stay? They can control their own room temperature at the stat, without needing access to your app.

Got tenants? Give them manual control to match their own work/life patterns but retain the ability to operate remotely or to keep unused rooms at a sensible minimum temperature.

On holiday? Check in on how your house is doing – see what your heaters are doing as well as how warm it is – and make adjustments if you’re heading for home.

Don’t have internet access or a computer/phone, but still want this level of control in your own home? No problem – we can supply a “pre built” version with its own tablet for total local control.

Wet central heating systems, whether electric, gas or oil have to be designed around an inefficiency of 80%. If you take the 21st century electric kiln clay heater rated at 1 kilowatt, to heat a room, then the wet system needs to allow 1.8 kilowatts to heat the same room. Wet systems are high maintenance, needing servicing every year. Officially, gas boilers are supposed to last 12 years, anecdotally, there are a lot of boilers out there that the actual gas boiler manufacturer’s say are obsolete after just 8 years.

British industry has stepped up to the challenge and is showing that we can have clean, economic, ultra controllable electric home heating that is a giant step forward compared with the old systems that have been prevalent from the mid 20th century.