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Modular Electric Heating


Low Input Electric Heating

British properties have recently seen a big increase in the number of premises turning to refractory clay based electrical storage heaters.

These are very different to the traditional night storage heaters found in many British homes and offices.

These modern electric heaters do not rely on a big charge of electricity during the night but deliver constant and economical heating at the times you specify and do not go cool in the evening. They are slim and thoroughly heat a space with no waste.

Slimline Heater

These slimline heaters function economically, using thermostatic control and a specially developed heat storage technology that uses less than a third of the electricity.

Performance - Our energy is not cheap and these heaters deliver on economy. A demonstration of how this is achieved is available on request. (email now)

(Our surveyor will bring a sample for you to

Price - Prices are well below the brand leader - automation is not always the answer - handbuilding eliminates waste and mistakes. Sunflow do not use distributors, everything is "in house" from start to finish. From the calculation of heating requirements to the installation by our team of specialists which include fully qualified plumbers and electricians.

Choice - A variety of length, height and depth options are available to suit (almost) any space. There is a range of 200+ colours to suit any decor.

Gold Heater

Why a Survey?

The reason we insist on individual surveys (free and without obligation even for one room) is because Sunflow heating technicians work to rigorous standards and have to identify all the factors that may be the cause of current inefficiencies. Our last cold winter has highlighted the need for accurate heating placed correctly (we explain this in a commonsense way).

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